TeaTree Photography: Ms. "M"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ms. "M"

Oh, can you just say cuteness? This is only one of a few I will post..but running out to do VT. Wish I got a few of the teeth..she is at the age where she is loosing them all and has a mouth full of spaces- :) Gotta capture this time-


  1. I just love this one. Great placement, and I love how she's just barely looking up at the camera. Love the contrast of the black.

  2. Simply amazing! I have been in awe at Andrea's photos for years! She has a natural eye for photography and design--put them together and--BAM!! You have a masterpiece on your hands! She designed my wedding invitations and the compliments I got from people were endless. If only she still lived in Utah...I would have had her do my wedding photography in a second! (And I'm VERY picky when it comes to photographers!) In fact, I'm seriously contemplating flying out to Maine when I have kids so she can take their pictures! ;)