TeaTree Photography: School Starts

Friday, August 28, 2009

School Starts

School is next week and we decided it was time to get school pictures out of the way. I had told them all to get ready and use the bathroom before hand. Wouldn't you know, "S" decided to not obey and when we got there guess what he had to do and guess where there was nowhere to go? Frustration at it's best. So..we LOVE the look on his face of anxiety! Little "M" decided that this was just not her thing and gave up quite quickly. I have a natural for big "M"..didn't even have to pose her.
Needless to say, done in 15 min tops and we made it back for Mr. "S" and his bathroom break! HE HE!!

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  1. Great pictures! You are such a pro and you and Britton create such gorgeous children!! :) They are all so cute. I really can't believe how big they are getting. It's funny how much of their personality you can capture on film.