TeaTree Photography: My first night OCF - Thanks Dan!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My first night OCF - Thanks Dan!

So, I did my first shoot at around 9:30 last night with my off camera flash! I LOVE IT!
I seriously did hardly any editing! Dan thanks for being my great model!


  1. I love your header btw. Did you do it?

  2. I actually have been using OCF but this is the first time I brought it outside with a backdrop of my backyard. So..fun for a change.
    Your so nice about my throw together header- I did create it. :) How is your family doing? Don't you love being mom to 6? :) The few, the privilaged..the BRAVE~

  3. I want to learn OCF so badly! You should come back to Utah and teach me. (: Great work, as usual!

  4. WOW that is great! I need to figure out my lighting... It sucks! And I need a new camera!