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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So I have a ton of people who always ask me, why does it take a few weeks to get my pictures back. Can't you just take them from the camera and put them on a cd and give them to me? I am about to show you the difference of a straight out of the camera shot vs. one that has been edited..
I have to say though that I have heard it said, "You cannot polish a turd". So, you must have an excellent original to work with first. Lighting and exposure has EVERYTHING to having a great original.

Thanks to my very good friend Rachel Johnson with Luminosity Photography, I have used her EXCELLENT SOOC to show you before and after with editing. Rachel really is a fantastic photographer and I really haven't met a nicer, kinder person. She is great to work with. With that said, here you go!

HERE IS THE SOOC (Straight out of the camera)

The Color Edited Version

Brightening, contrast, dodging, burning, levels, curves and an adjustment layer that takes out the magenta in the neutrals, followed by a Gold filter..VOLA!

Here is the edited black and white version

Basic contrast, burn and dodge, brightening and adding a curves layer, followed by a TOTALLY RAD black and white action. VOLA!

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