TeaTree Photography: Bored Weekday

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bored Weekday

So what do you do when all the chores are done, laundry folded, kids have all been entertained?...PLAY!
Of course, on a whim and flying by the seat of my pants (as always) we headed out to try to find soft light at noon FULL DAY SUN. Gotta love the most dingy dirty places that shoot the best.
I was also paranoid that the other kids (who were only 5 feet away from me in an air conditioned car rocking to halloween favorites in July) were going to put the car in motion..so, we only got a few photos.
We managed to have no accidents, thank goodness, and I did get a few great ones.
Thank you to these two (who are always together as you may have noticed in previous posts) who are sooo willing to let me play.

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