TeaTree Photography: My boy

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My boy

Those eyes, those lips..that face! Mmmm...squish!

and here was the full shot..he just wandered into the studio, messy face-diaper and all-however, he put his head exactly a little too perfect inside the circle behind him- mmm...not exactly what I was looking for- but he was soo still..I had to!


  1. Looks a little bit like a Jesus picture... just sayin'!

    K, seriously, are those the styrofoam tiles that you paint? It makes an awesome background.

    I don't see a messy face. He's beautiful- diaper and all.

  2. K I know it does right? That is what I said when I was editing it- he even has the tilt in his head- ;p
    I'll have to put the basket not in the center of the tiles next time. They are styrofoam you paint- crazy huh? I am making the teal one right now.